Storehouse at Hazor: two columns of pillars held up the roof and divided aisle from storage bays. First identified as "stables" these constructions are usually now identified as stores.Store house at Hazor (stable)


Both temple and palace in an ancient city had storehouses as part of the complex of buildings. The produce acquired as tax or tithe was kept in such storehouses till it was needed. On still larger scale the Bible records the construction of "store-cities" by Solomon (1 Kgs 9:19; 2 Chron 8:4-6) and Jehosaphat (2 Chron 17:12). In each case the association between fortresses and store-cities suggests their military importance.

Grain silos were cylindrical buildings with steps or a ramp leading to the top with the entrance above ventilation holes. They were typically 2-3 meters in diameter.

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