notes on 2:13


Notice that the verse begins with a call to attention "Look!" and continues with the Hebrew emphatic "I" אָנֹכִי, as verses 9 & 10 did. There the pronoun was followed by a completed tense. Here a participle forms a present expression.


Adonai is to Israel like a cart loaded with sheaves at harvest, but in what way is he like a cart? The verb presumably tells us. However it only occurs here in the Bible, and other evidence is somewhat mixed. Suggestions have included

Many assume the punishment being described is the earthquake, but (as Paul notes) the following verses tell the incapacity of defeated soldiers fleeing a battle.

I have preferred "creak" as one of the better attested options, and one which makes sense in a way which is not clumsy.

Adonai is like an overloaded cart at harvest time, creaking beneath the load. Israel's sinful oppression and disobedience are almost too much for him to bear and his support will fail them. When it does...



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