notes on 2:14-16

Seven similar statements underline the incapacity that will fall upon the elite of Israel's fighting forces, and most of the seven focus on their inability to run away!


The section is structured with two tristichs (vv.14-15) and a closing member (v.16). All but the last member of the tristichs have three word units, and all but the first are negative.

The closing (v.16) whilst retaining the same meaning has a totally different form, with 3 and 2 word units followed by the formulaic expression "in that day".

Language and Imagery

These verses are full of military words.

Assyrian soldiers (drawing of plaque in British Museum)

These verses follow from v.13. Such fearsome troops will fail - even fail to flee - because Adonai the true source of their strength and success is like a cart overloaded with straw, whose support will fail - see above.



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