notes on 2:4-5

See the general remarks on this series of oracles.

Language and Imagery

This oracle against Judah is weak compared with the others - the punishment is described in general terms and briefly "fire on Judah" and "Jerusalem's citadels consumed". The crime too is both less and more precise - no particular acts are mentioned (less precision), but rather unfaithfulness to Adonai and his decrees is condemned (greater precision of the person offended).

Rhetorical effect

However, given the context of a Judean prophet addressing an Israelite audience, the effect is startling - perhaps this is why the wording is simple. (Surely a prophet who condemns his own, neighbouring, people must be true!) Following the series of oracles against traditional neighbouring enemies, which surely found a ready audience, this one would raise their appreciation and expectation of Amos still higher...



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