notes on 2:6-16

See the general remarks on this series of oracles.

This final speech in the series, though it has the same structure as the others, and repeats the same formula ("because of three...") is much more developed. Both the accusation and the judgment are given in much more detail, and include more elements. The accusation does not focus on one kind of rebellion (the oracles against foreigners had concentrated on gross breaches of human decency, and that against Judah on "religious" infidelity).

Here, although v.6 begins with what are clearly socio-economic sins, by the end of v.7 Adonai is the aggrieved party. Verses 9-10 are a reminder that God has cared for them in special ways (and thus would not sound out of place in a covenant lawsuit); while 11-12 address their failure to respect the vocation of those Adonai has called to special faithfulness.

Likewise, in the other cases the punishment is summarized briefly - sometimes simply "fire" but sometimes including the removal of offending rulers. By contrast here after first announcing that Israelite behavior is "the last straw" (v.13), the totality of their defeat and destruction is described in some detail (vv.14-16).

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