notes on 2:8

This verse repeats similar injustices by the rich and powerful against the weak, but adds that they do not even take the trouble to keep the products of this oppression out of their religious celebration.

"clothing taken as security" - although the word for "clothing" is not that at either Ex 22:25-26 or Dt 24:12-13 clearly what Amos describes does not fit with a society based on the teaching of these passages. (On the word בֶּגֶד see also Dt 24:17.) The verb "take as security" occurs in both Ex 22:25 & Dt 24:17.

"their God" - the expressions "your God, our God and my God" are all common in the Bible. "Their God" is rare - Amos' use is deliberate. They may call "their God" Adonai, they may worship in the traditional ways, in ancestral shrines, but any "god" who can tolerate their oppressive injustice is not the lord Adonai. He is "their God", a God they shape and control. Whether represented by calf statue or not such a God is an idol!



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