Hypertext Bible Commentary - Amos project is producing a hypertext multimedia Bible commentary. Fonts are small because of the quantity of information displayed.

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The text of Amos appears in the text window, above, when you click the ch. and vv. links, above left. The translation is very literal, designed to complement your favorite Bible by showing how the biblical text (in Hebrew) works. The Hebrew text will be available later (copyright issues).

Comment and background information appears in this window, to get comment on particular passages use the "comment" links at the right of the text window, above.

Words & expressions in the text lead to discussion in the lower left window.

All the background and comment is hypertext linked.

Viewing Hebrew may look better an appropriate font the SBL font is available free from SBL. (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)


Detailed instructions for downloading and installing the Hebrew font on a PC are available.

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