Hypertext Bible Commentary - Amos project is a hypertext multimedia Bible commentary. Because of the quantity of information displayed, it works best with small fonts. All the background and comment is hypertext linked, pictures and sound files are used to help explain the text.

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Bible Text

In the top right window you will find the text of Amos in a fairly literal translation, designed to complement your favorite Bible by showing, as far as possible, how the biblical text (in Hebrew) works. The navigation bars (top left window) links to chapters, and below them sections of a chapter in the text of Amos. It also allows you to toggle the language of the text displayed between the Hebrew text and the literal English version.

Clicking on a word or expression in the text links to discussion (in the bottom left, blue, window) of the Hebrew word or expression to which the English is related. To see the Hebrew (or Greek) characters you will need to install a freeware Fonts.



To see general commentary (below right) on the text click on one of the "details vv.6-8" links (to the right of the text).


Bible Dictionary and Glossary

Archaeological, literary, historical and cultural background is either accessed by:



Viewing Hebrew or Greek characters needs an appropriate unicode compliant font like MS Times New Roman Unicode. (However, at the time of writing the Microsoft supplied font still places the holem beside the characters...) If you do not have such a font installed or want a really nice display you can get the SIL Unicode Hebrew font, or the SBL Hebrew font (the download is at the bottom of the page). However most users with recent Netscape or IE based browsers should see the basic text of both languages where appropriate.



The "menu" link in the chapter navigation bar (top left) opens a small floating menu which leads to:
these instructions
a search box
introductions to:
   the book
   the prophet
   historical setting
   prophetic literature...


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