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Characters: Boaz

His name only appears at 2:1 for the first time, but this is followed by references at: 2:3,4,5,8,11,14,15,19,23; 3:2,7; 4:1,5,8,9,13,21 (so his name is the most used in these chapters). He is seen as:

the Goel, redeemer, in name and by his actions, 
dependable and faithful - in some ways he is indeed a kind of masculine reflection of Ruth! 
without him the problem of the story would have remained unresolved (4:6).

Where do you find these characteristics portrayed, how is this information suggested to you?
Can you add others to the list?

After completing this exercise, compare this list.

Like Naomi his speech shows him to be "older".

What does this mean for your "reading" of the book.

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