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Characteristics of Ruth mentioned in the text

daughter-in-law: 1:4
1 of 2 who set out with Naomi for Bethlehem: 1:6-7
who loves Naomi: 1:9,14 
but who refuses to obey by returning to her own people: 1:10
the one who persists in this refusal: 1:14,16-17
who promises great faithfulness to Naomi: 1:16-17
who is indeed thus faithful: 2:11,23 (cf. 2:12); 4:15 ("better than seven sons"!)
who is faithful also to her family (by marriage): 3:10
who feeds Naomi: 2:2,3ff.
obeys her: 2:2; 3:5-6
and discusses her life with her: 2:2,19-22; 3:16-18
foreigner: 1:4,22; 2:2,6,21; 4:5,10
living in Bethlehem: 1:19,22
noticed by Boaz: 2:5
his "handmaid" and protected by him: 2:8-9,14-16; 3:11-12,15
who is grateful: 2:10,13
and becomes his wife: 4:10,13 (and thus mother of a son)
hard worker: 2:7,17
reputed as a woman of worth: 3:11
blessed: 2:12; 3:10; 4:11-12 (like the Mothers of Israel)

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