Power in Amos

Amos' concern is usually with oppression of the poor, or with false hope offered by wealth and military might, sometimes he addresses those who have authority in particular. In the "Oracles against the Nations" that begin the book he picks out the rulers for special mention: 1:4-5 ; 8 ; 15 ; 2:3 . This is understandable, if you are condemning a people for the wrong they have done you are likely to single out their leaders as particularly responsible. It is interesting that Judah's and Israel's kings are not mentioned. The only other nation where the ruler is not given special attention in the oracle is Edom ( 1:11-12 ) if we read on to 2:1 we discover why - Moabites had killed him already and burned his bones for lime.

Chapter 6 begins with an address to the ( 6:1 ) "notables" of the Judean and Israelite capital cities . They live in luxury but do not care about the ruin of the nations they rule (6:6 ). In 2:7 it is likely that misuse of authority compounds the men's sin.



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