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Prophets: General Introductions

The one I base my course around

coverGordon McConville The Prophets (Exploring the Old Testament vol 4) London: SPCK, 2002.

A fuller listing

Lawrence Boadt (Editor), Desmond Mpilo Tutu The Hebrew Prophets: Visionaries of the Ancient World (Classic Bible Series) Palgrave Macmillan, 1999. pp.224.

Carol J. Dempsey, The Prophets : A Liberation-Critical Reading (Liberation-Critical Reading of the Old Testament) Fortress, 2000. pp.224.

J. H. Eaton, Mysterious Messengers : A Course on Hebrew Prophecy from Amos Onwards Eerdmans, 1998.
This is the one I recommend my students to read first, so I am biased.

Grace Emmerson (Editor) Prophets & Poets : A Companion to the Prophetic Books of the Old Testament, Abingdon, 1997.

R. P. Gordon (Editor) 'The Place Is Too Small for Us' : The Israelite Prophets in Recent Scholarship (Sources for Biblical and Theological Study ; 5) Eisenbrauns, 1995.
Collection of interesting and influential articles.

Donald E. Gowan Theology of the Prophetic Books : The Death and Resurrection of Israel Westminster John Knox, 1998.
Introduction to the prophets through theology, a good read.

E. W. Heaton, Short Introduction to the Old Testament Prophets Oneworld, 1996.

Abraham Joshua Heschel, Susannah Heschel (Introduction) The Prophets (Perennial Classic.) Harper, 2001. pp.672.
Perennial classic says it all. Perceoptive and passionate introduction.

Ronald H. Isaacs Messengers of God : A Jewish Prophets Who's Who Jason Aronson, 1998. pp.288.

coverGordon McConville The Prophets (Exploring the Old Testament vol 4) London: SPCK, 2002.

James Luther Mays (Editor), Paul J. Achtemeier (Editor) Interpreting the Prophets Fortress, 1987. pp.287.

John W. Miller, Meet the Prophets : A Beginner's Guide to the Books of the Biblical Prophets, Their Meaning Then and Now, Paulist, 1997. pp.250.

Watson E. Mills (Editor), Richard F. Wilson (Editor) The Prophets (Mercer Commentary on the Bible, 4) Mercer U Pr, 1996.

James D. Newsome, The Hebrew Prophets John Knox, 1984. pp.226.

Jean Pierre Prevost, How to Read the Prophets, Chiron, 1997. pp.144.

coverBrent D. Sandy Plowshares & Pruning Hooks: Rethinking the Language of Biblical Prophecy and Apocalyptic IVP, 2002

Gary V. Smith, The Prophets As Preachers : An Introduction to the Hebrew Prophets, Broadman & Holman, 2000. pp.388.

Gerhard Von Rad, The Message of the Prophets David M. Stalker (Translator) Harper, 1972. pp.288.
Classic treatment, can still teach us a thing or two!


James M. Ward, Thus Says the Lord : The Message of the Prophets, Abingdon, 1991. pp.282.

Leon J. Wood The Prophets of Israel Baker, 1998. pp.408.



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